Our structure

YEuCat currently consists of around 20 motivated early career professionals in catalysis, who aim to develop the network and to organize different virtual and on-site events. 

The heart of our organization is the so-called core team, which meets once per month. The core team is repsonible for making strategical decisions regarding YEuCats future steps, as well as for connecting with other organizations (above all, our parent-organization EFCATS) and being the first point of contact for new members or interested collaborators. Furthermore, members of the core team also serves as heads of the individual task forces.

YEuCat's extended network members engage with core team quarterly during our general assembly meetings, during which they are informed about upcoming events and are invited to join specific task forces. In general, each upcoming event will have an individual task force dealing only with this particular event (though there might be several task forces for bigger events). This rather short-term, project-based organization ensures that members have a chance to contribute to YEuCat's mission whenever they are available to do so, but might also withdraw from active participation during more stressful times.

We encourage a low-hierarchy structure that allows all interested members to join the core team and to engage more actively with YEuCat's future. However, we are also aware that people will have other commitments and might only aim to contribute to certain events (in which case they might want to join our general assemblies and become members of certain task forces) or even only join YEuCat's events without taking part in the organization itself (in which case you should sign up for our news!).

Meet our members: